Tides of tranquility disrupted: Yaba drug bust rocks Phi Phi, Krabi

The peaceful waters of Phi Phi Island and Haad Nopparat Thara Beach in Krabi, renowned tourist spots in Thailand, were disrupted by an unforeseen drug bust. The authorities apprehended two tour speedboat captains upon uncovering methamphetamine tablets, locally referred to as Yaba, concealed aboard their vessels.

The first arrest transpired off the coast of Phi Phi Island Pier, according to the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB). Collaborating with the Krabi Marine Police, officers noticed a speedboat being secured to a mooring buoy, prepping to welcome tourists. The officers requested the vessel to dock for a routine inspection of the necessary permits.

The boat’s helmsman and mechanic exhibited signs of nervousness, prompting the officers to conduct a thorough search of the boat. This led to the discovery of five ya bah tablets stashed away on the vessel. Sombat, as he identified himself, claimed ownership of the boat as per CIB’s report.

The second arrest occurred off Nopparat Thara Beach Pier in Krabi, where officers, acting on reliable information, inspected one of the numerous boats lined up to receive tourists. The tip-off suggested that the boat’s person in charge was using amphetamines. Consequently, the officers searched, uncovering four Yaba pills on board. Charin, the individual who claimed to be the owner, was apprehended.

Apart from the drug search, the officers also scrutinised the requisite permits and licences for the boat and its crew members.

Following the arrests, Marine Police transported Sombat to the Phi Phi Police Station, and Charin to the Ao Nang Police Station. Both individuals were subsequently charged with the illegal possession of a Category 1 narcotic, reported Phuket News.

Tides of tranquility disrupted: Yaba drug bust rocks Phi Phi, Krabi | News by Thaiger
Pictures courtesy of Phuket News

Despite the idyllic beauty of these tourist hotspots, these arrests highlight the ever-present threat of illegal narcotics and reinforce the importance of constant vigilance and law enforcement to ensure the safety of both locals and tourists alike.

Tides of tranquility disrupted: Yaba drug bust rocks Phi Phi, Krabi | News by Thaiger

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