Thailand’s own Aquaman, ‘The Merman,’ rescues drowning Spanish tourist in Krabi (video)

Picture of Scott Siranat courtesy of Facebook.

Thailand’s very own Aquaman showcased his heroic qualities last week when he saved a drowning Spanish tourist in Krabi, Thailand.

Scott Siranat, known among locals as “The Merman” rescued a Spanish tourist from drowning off Koh Hong island in Krabi province on Tuesday, August 29.

The 25 year old half Thai, half-Scottish man was on patrol when he noticed a Spanish man struggling in the water. Without hesitation, he leapt into action, swimming to the distressed tourist and then guiding him safely to the sandy shore.

In a video statement, Scott recounted the incident, stating that he was accompanied by staff from the Than Bok Khorani National Park when they spotted a group of six tourists wading into the sea approximately 50 metres from the beach. One of them appeared to be in distress, struggling to stay afloat, reported The Daily Record.

“I swam over to help him, and he grasped my shoulder as if he was asking for help. I saw that his snorkel was filling up with water, so I took it off and pulled him back to the coast.”

Siranat revealed the importance of their timely intervention, noting that the situation could have taken a far worse turn if they had arrived any later.

Local medics attended to the Spanish tourist, and he has since made a full recovery.

Siranat earned the nickname “The Merman” in April when he achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the youngest person in Asia to swim unassisted for 50 kilometres. His epic swim spanned the provinces of Krabi, Phang Nga, and Phuket in southern Thailand, and it was undertaken as part of his commitment to promoting sea conservation.

Last year, Siranat, who has a Thai mother and a Scottish father, embarked on a challenging swim from Ao Nang beach at 10am and completed it by 4.30pm. Although the journey covered approximately 30 kilometres on the map, the reality was more demanding due to strong, fast-flowing currents. Read more about the story HERE.

Siranat, who studied in America, expressed his deep love for Thailand’s Andaman coast and its waters.

For the past three years, he has actively collaborated with locals on conservation projects in Phuket and Krabi, which included the vital task of collecting rubbish from the beach. Additionally, he retrieves old fishing nets from the water to prevent harm to marine wildlife.

Siranat highlighted the significant issue of plastic waste in the sea and shared that swimming among the waste allowed him to experience the harsh reality of marine life in polluted waters.

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