Natural Hot and Cold Springs in Krabi

There are many hot springs and cool freshwater springs bubbling up from Krabi’s ground.
They differ among themselves on the composition of water, the health benefits of the arrangement, cost and the infrastructure around them.

Hot springs–waterfall, Ron (Hot Springs Waterfall, Namtok Ron)

This is the most popular and perhaps the most picturesque hot springs in the province. They are also known as Ron Waterfall. Springs are very popular as a tourist destination from a group of tourists with excursions.
The beauty of this place is that the swimming pools with hot water are formed in a natural way. Water from a large stream with natural hot water flows over several small waterfalls into natural pools where you can swim.
You can combine a visit to these sources to visit blue and emerald pools (Blue pool, Emerald pool), located a few kilometers away. Tours usually include a visit to all these places.

Sra Morakot (Emerald Pool, Crystal Pool, Emerald Pond) – This is the number one spring attraction in Krabi.



It is stunningly beautiful and you’ll take many photos and videos to show your friends at home. The water is ultra clear and clean, and the views are just perfect.

Hot springs Krabi (Krabi Hot Springs)

The territory of these sources to the best equipped and clean. Hot tubs, several pools with water of different temperature. There are all amenities including changing room, umbrellas, shower.


Entrance fee: 150 baht

How to get there: these sources are closest to Krabi town and other resorts in the province. From Krabi town a distance of about 30 kilometers, slightly less than hours.

Hot springs Natta Vari (Nattha Waree Hot Springs)

This is the most expensive and a hot springs in the province. They are located on the territory of medical complex (Nattha Waree Hot Springs Resort & Spa), we can be perceived as a sanatorium. However, not only resort guests can take a hot bath, but anyone, of course, for a fee.

Here has it all: community pool with hot water, personal bath, cold pool, locker room, Luggage storage, shower, fish massage. Are given Slippers, towels, Bathrobe, a bottle of water