Mysterious hospital bed movement sparks confusion: ghost or glitch?

A hospital bed’s movement sparks a debate over whether its supernatural or technical. (via Envato).

A hospital bed used for transferring patients is raising eyebrows after it was witnessed moving and spontaneously adjusting itself. On Sunday, August 13, a video on Facebook, posted by a user named Mot Kpt, abruptly went viral showcasing this uncanny phenomenon. The footage depicts an unattended hospital bed, elevating on its own.

The bed is a manual unit, not an electrical one, so no electronic malfunction could have caused the movement. The strange adjustment remains a mystery as viewers grapple with whether this is a supernatural occurrence or merely a technical glitch.

The visuals prompted discussion online, with viewers expressing their unsettled feelings. The original uploader of the video, a 40 year old Thai man known as Aekachai serves as a volunteer at Krabi Pittakpracha Rescue Foundation. He was determined to validate this video he shot.

The mysterious moving bed is attached to a Bangkok-registered emergency van, parked in the rescue foundation’s garage. Aekachai offered a detailed demonstration to reporters, meticulously testing the bed by prodding and shaking it. However, there was no sign that it could move on its own.

Aekachai shared details of the unnerving experience. He said it occurred on August 3 around noon, while he was just preparing to begin his daily duties. He was cleaning the vehicle when he noticed the movement of the hospital bed slowly adjusting itself, which understandably alarmed him.

He promptly decided to record the strange event on his phone. Aekachai emphasised that this was not contrived content he posted with the hopes of Internet fame.

The bed operates on a manual system, not an electric one. Although he admitted his disbelief in paranormal activities, he does not entirely dismiss the idea after witnessing the bed move on its own. When analysed scientifically, he guesses the phenomenon could be attributed to a faulty shock-absorbing device.

An official at the Foundation suggested a more pragmatic problem that may have caused the bed movement. They said such incidents are unlikely to be supernatural but could be attributed to the ageing equipment. The shock absorber, responsible for controlling the bed’s adjustments, may be worn out due to extended use over time.

He assured that the foundation would arrange for the necessary repairs and maintenance before the contraption is reintroduced into service. The official urged the public to avoid misunderstanding, reinforcing that these unusual occurrences aren’t paranormal but rather mechanical glitches.

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