LA orthodontist’s narrow escape from electrocution in Thailand

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When a Los Angeles-based orthodontist‘s dream Thai vacation took a horrifying turn, it shocked social media with her Instagram and TikTok followers expressing their concern and support.

Dr Cara Hodgson, boasting a considerable online following of 25,500 on Instagram and 97,000 on TikTok, usually shares glimpses of her jet-setting lifestyle and dental tips. However, her recent revelation about a life-threatening incident during her Thailand escapade has catapulted her into the global spotlight.

After lavishly documenting her Thai sojourn on Instagram for two weeks, Hodgson revealed on January 2 that she had spent the past 10 days in a hospital, she detailed the spine-chilling moment when she was electrocuted by power lines during her trip, leading to unconsciousness and an emergency room dash.

“It’s been the worst 10 days of my life — going in and out of hospitals, fighting to regain my strength and fighting for my life. I am so lucky to be here today.”

Hodgson thanked her well-wishers for the flood of messages that kept her spirits up during the dark days.

The shocking incident gained traction in multiple news outlets, leaving the orthodontist feeling overwhelmed by the sudden surge in attention. In an Instagram story, she admitted that she received an insane amount of phone calls and text messages, which made her aware of the media frenzy surrounding her accident, reported Business Insider.

Promising updates on her recovery, Hodgson acknowledged the long road ahead.

“I’m still not out of the woods yet — going to be a lot of upcoming doctor appointments, big lifestyle changes, need to regain my strength, my weight, and need a lot of help to recover from the PTSD of it all.”

Care packages filled with fruit arrangements, flowers, and balloons flooded in, lifting Hodgson’s spirits. In previous Instagram stories, she shared images of the gifts, emphasizing the overwhelming love she felt and how it’s aiding her gradual recovery.

The exact location and time of the accident remain unclear. Hodgson’s last post before the revelation was on December 24, tagged from Bamboo Island in Krabi, Thailand. The incident adds to a series of electrocution cases in Thailand, where at least four people were electrocuted last year, resulting in two fatalities, as reported by local news outlets.

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