Kitesurfing in Krabi

The Rise of KiteSurfing in Thailand
Kitesurfing puts Thailand’s beaches back on the surfing circuit. Whether on the Andaman Sea coast or the more sheltered waters of the Gulf of Thailand, kite surfers can count on strong offshore breezes throughout most of the year. Waves are optional.

Kitesurfing become popular in Thailand after March 2010, when the International Kiteboarding Association and the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association (PKRA) brought their tour to Hua Hin, Thailand. Since that event, they’ve chosen Thailand for additional events, piquing the interest of local tour operators who saw a good potential financial opportunity.

The first tour operator to offer kiteboarding was in Phuket, Thailand. Since that time, kitesurfing’s popularity has surged up and down the coast of the Andaman Sea.

Thailand was behind the curve at first, and operators did not appear in any numbers on the country’s major beach resorts until the mid-2000s. Since then, the industry has blossomed to the point that rentals can be found on almost any major beach.

International Kiteboarding Tours Come to Thailand

Local tour operator interest in kiteboarding peaked when the International Kiteboarding Association and the Professional Kiteboard Riders Association, or PKRA, brought their tours to the shores of Hua Hin, Thailand, in March 2010.
The event was such a success that the PKRA chose Thailand as the launching point for its 2011 PKRA World Tour Season, showing local tour operators the obvious financial advantage of adding kite surfing to their repertoire of activities.

Kite surfing is an extreme sport that has only recently begun to take off on Krabi. The best winds are from June through to Feb.

Kite Surfing for beginners

If you have never kite surfed before its important to have some training sessions beforehand as it can be quite dangerous. There are currently two kitesurfing schools on the island where you can also rent or purchase kites and boards:

There are several places to go kitesurfing in Krabi but it is highly recommended that you go to a kite school that is safe and reputable. You’ll want instruction from a company that uses radios, or even better, radio helmets for maximum ground-to-air communication in real time.

Kite Boarding in Asia

Kite Boarding in Asia

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