Cautionary Krabi Sea waves: Dramatic speedboat manoeuvres issue stern warning to operators and tourists (video)

Picture courtesy of เหยี่ยวข่าว ภูเก็ต Newshawk Phuket Facebook.

Dramatic documentation of three speedboats manoeuvring massive 5-metre waves in the Krabi Sea issued a stern warning to the boat operators and tourists to remain cautious. The posted video, which instantly caused a commotion on social media yesterday, showcased the life-threatening conditions faced by the vessels amidst the towering waves.

An individual on Facebook initially shared the gripping video of the three speedboats braving the giant waves in Krabi province, followed by a cautionary message. Underscoring the need to constantly check the weather before setting sail, the operator urged the crew members to utilise every skill they possess to ensure their safety and that of the passengers. The post further warned about the deceptively sunny weather that could potentially conceal lurking dangers.

After the hair-raising clip went viral, with over 300 shares, the good and welfare of the tourists aboard were piquantly called into question. Many expressed profound worry, considering each speedboat challenged an intimidating four to 5-metre-long wave at sea, reported KhaoSod.

In an interview, the Facebook user who shared the video revealed that the event took place the previous evening. Recorded by a person on board during their return journey from a Phi Phi Island trip, the video highlighted the moment when the three speedboats, packed with tourists, en-route to Phuket, wrestled with 4 to 5 metre-high waves. It was made palpably clear that driving the boat amidst these treacherous conditions required immense dexterity, to ensure that everyone safely reached the shore.

The Thai Meteorological Department released its eighth report warning of heavy rainstorms and potential flooding in various regions of the country. In light of the continuous rain, the department cautioned about potential dangers in 45 provinces.

The Facebook user further elucidated that they shared the video as a stark reminder of the inherent risks of maritime travel during this period. No accidents were reported, fortunately. However, the volatile weather conditions promise intensified waves, sometimes despite the absence of rain. Despite a serene morning, the weather often deteriorated by late afternoon or evening, amplifying the waves’ strength at sea. The post stressed the importance of effective weather tracking before embarking on a journey to prevent any detrimental impact on tourism. The Facebook post said…

“Out at sea with caution, always check the weather before each trip. But when you come across (the waves), you must use all the skills you have. Take care of yourself and the crew to the best of your abilities. P.S. No boat drama, because when going out the sky was clear, there was the sun.”

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